At KellerLife, family is important, included in treatment and a welcome part of our community

Relationships are important to well-being, and the family — a person’s primary support group — is chief among them. At the same time, eating disorders devastate families and isolate the person with the disorder from their family members. In fact, family is one of the cornerstones of our treatment model, which is founded on and grounded in the restoration of family relationships, as well as the restoration of the mind, body, and faith. 

Involving the patient’s primary support group for optimal treatment success

Secure attachments such as exist in families - of origin or of choice - are important to our well-being, and they factor significantly into the success of your treatment for an eating disorder. This is why KellerLife:

  • Includes family in treatment planning – Starting with a thorough clinical assessment, we individualize treatment based on a wide variety of factors for which family members’ input is vital. To restore the family, we must first understand the relationships as they affect recovery from the eating disorder.
  • Involves family members in therapy – Every individual’s treatment plan is customized to their needs, including the needs surrounding relationships in the family. Family therapy is almost always part of treatment, because it works, and we build part of the treatment around an activity-filled, productive and healing family visit. After we meet with you to determine your needs, we'll arrange a family week to take place during treatment. 
  • Partners with the family (and others) in transitioning the patient from treatment to aftercare and recovery – Residential treatment at KellerLife is designed to be an empowering “launch” into recovery. The evidence shows that aftercare and follow-up are critical to recovery success - and the family is critical to that aftercare plan. That’s why we’re thinking about the transition and talking to the patient and family about it starting from Day 1.

Family is also important to all of us here at KellerLife because of our authentic Christian values. We understand the fundamental importance of familial relationships to recovering from anorexia, bulimia or binge eating disorder and embracing the life God intended, regardless of your religious background.

For more information about the importance of family to eating disorder treatment and recovery, or to speak to a KellerLife representative, call 800-291-5045.