Comprehensive evaluations and individualized treatment 

Upon your admission to residential treatment at KellerLife, we commit to a complete assessment and orientation process. We want to fully understand your story, so we can create a custom treatment program designed to restore mind, body and spirit to health and wellness. 

The purpose and process of clinical assessment at KellerLife

The purpose of the clinical assessment is to evaluate your eating disorder, any co-occurring disorders, and the impact on your physical, mental, emotional and relational.

  • Immediately upon admission, you will be assigned to an admissions coordinator and behavioral coach, who will walk you through the orientation process, your schedule and get you situated and comfortable in your home. Within 24 hours of admission, you will meet with a registered nurse to evaluate your physical condition and initiate your treatment plan until you have an opportunity to meet with the multidisciplinary staff for the development of a truly custom care plan.
  • A primary care doctor, psychiatrist and registered dietitian will meet with you within 48 hours of admissions and evaluate your physical, psychiatric and nutritional needs. It may include ordering labs or imaging exams and prescribing any necessary medications. We fully explore your core beliefs regarding body weight, body shame and eating, and we get a full history of your eating disorder and current behavioral symptoms.

You will participate in psychological testing and have a clinical assessment by a licensed therapist within 72 hours of arriving to have a complete biopsychosocial profile. Collateral histories and interviews may take place with family and referring professionals to get a 360-degree look prior to your approving the final care plan.

Customized care sets us apart

At KellerLife, we have no one-size-fits-all treatment program. We believe treatment success depends on individualized care.
During the intake process, you will be assigned a primary therapist who is a good fit for you based on a variety of factors. Our specialists will determine which specialized therapies will be the most beneficial for you. This may include biofeedback, art, music, yoga, gardening, or pet therapy. By being thorough during the clinical assessment, we’re able to maximize the customization of your treatment in order to address your eating and co-occurring disorders effectively.  Eating disorders rob you of the life God intended for you - one filled with meaning, purpose, connection and joy. Let us help you take back your life, and restore your health. 

For more information, or to speak to a KellerLife eating disorders representative, call 800-291-5045. You can also reach out to us using our easy online form.