KellerLife offers complete support for recovery from eating disorders

As you prepare to leave treatment and begin your recovery journey, our team of experts is with you all the way. We want you to live the life God intended for you - one filled with meaning, purpose, and connection. Reconnect to friends and family. Return to work, school or home responsibilities. Even fulfill your dreams and ambitions.

This journey isn’t always easy — you may have a few bumps in the road. If setbacks occur as they sometimes do along the recovery road, your KellerLife team will be here with the tools you need to get back on track.

Individualized aftercare for your lifelong recovery

Your aftercare plan begins the day you arrive at KellerLife. As you progress in your treatment, we refine your aftercare strategy to set you up for a successful recovery. As you embark on your new life, our eating disorder specialists will check in with you to offer support and encouragement. We will stay in close communication with your outpatient treatment team as you transition back to their care and continue on your path to full recovery.

Depending on your treatment needs, your aftercare plan may include:

  • Transition to a team of aftercare specialists, including a physician, psychiatrist, dietitian and therapist
  • Check-ins at 10 days, one month, six months and one year - or more frequently if you need them
  • Coping mechanisms and strategies to help you stay in a healthy mindset about food and your body
  • Support groups to help you stay on track and connected
  • Care coordination aftercare team for one full year

For more information, or to speak to a KellerLife representative, call 800-291-5045.