Effective, evidence-based treatment for eating disorders

Anorexia, bulimia and binge eating disorder are serious problems that have a profoundly negative impact on the women who suffer from them - and on the  relationships with those they care about most. There is pain and heartbreak. There is guilt, shame, isolation, secrecy and mental anguish. And, an eating disorder puts a woman's life at risk. The eating disorder treatment specialists at KellerLife provide effective, evidence-based treatment that’s tailored specifically for you and designed to restore you to health in every area of your life - physically, emotionally, spiritually and relationally. 

Restore your life

Treatment at KellerLife begins with a full program assessment and orientation so that there is clarity as to what methods and processes treatment will consist of and why. Your unique story is woven into your care plan, which is designed to give you the best possible launch into recovery and will include a variety of different kinds of specialists and therapies.

Our Restorative Model for treating eating disorders, created by Dr. Kari Anderson, CEDS, is not new to the industry. It is based on the highly successful residential treatment program model of Remuda Ranch, which was founded by Ward Keller. Now refreshed and updated to include the latest evidence-based interventions for effective eating disorder treatment, Ward and team are bringing this model back to patients at KellerLife. Starting with what worked for thousands of women who sought treatment at Remuda and incorporating the best modern science and care standards, our treatment focuses on restoring the mind, body, faith and family. Here’s how:

  • BODY: We restore the BODY with medical support, nutrition therapy, lifestyle changes, stress reduction, gourmet meals, movement therapy and more.
  • MIND: To restore the MIND, we use a variety of proven therapy modalities and approach care from a trauma-informed perspective.
  • FAITH: Restoration of FAITH and connecting - or reconnecting - you to your spiritual life is an essential part of recovery, regardless of religious background.
  • FAMILY: The FAMILY, whether of origin or of choice, is vital to your recovery, which is why it is such a vital part of our treatment approach. 

BODY – Restore optimal function

Regardless of which eating disorder you suffer with or its external evidence, the body is compromised and confused. It needs to be restored to health so that all systems are functioning optimally. At KellerLife, we do this with medical support from our primary care doctors, with nutrition therapy and with lifestyle changes that emphasize rest and stress reduction. The goal of nutrition therapy is to restore your or your loved one’s healthy relationship with food. With our individualized movement program, we aim to reconnect you to the wisdom of the body and strive to repair the common, painful detachment that can develop into coping mechanisms such as compulsive over-exercising or body avoidance.

MIND – Get back to a life of autonomy, competence and connection

The mind and body are not separate. Much of our “felt” experience affects or informs our thinking — and the behavioral choices we subsequently make. Our behaviors and actions are often reactive and automatic. And while well intended, these actions now have interrupted the ability to live well. Our professional eating disorder specialists will use a combination of various therapies that may include:

  • Dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) – Effective to decrease impulsivity and calms the nervous system
  • Radically open dialectical behavioral therapy (RO DBT) – Designed to help people with rigidity of thought and restricted emotion, such as is common with anorexia
  • Acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) – Mindfulness-based therapy approach that helps with clarification of values in order to motivate patients for recovery
  • Exposure with response prevention (ERP) – Prescriptive protocols for addressing fear or cravings associated with anxiety, which commonly co-occurs with eating disorders

At KellerLife, we approach all therapy from a place that is trauma-informed. Many people with eating disorders have backgrounds of trauma, and trauma is unique to each individual. Our therapists are trained in therapeutic presence, which is a way of being with patients that helps co-regulate their emotions. To address eating disorders from a trauma-informed perspective, we use a variety of evidence-based treatments, including:

  • Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR ) – A well researched integrative psychotherapy approach and standardized set of protocols proven effective for the treatment of trauma
  • Emotionally focused therapy (EFT) – A structured approach to understanding bonding, attachment and familial and interpersonal relationships
  • Mindfulness-based stress reduction (MSBR) – Stress reduction using a combination of mindfulness, body awareness and yoga
  • Biofeedback – A method for learning how to affect physiological activity through thinking, emotions and behavior
  • Clinical applications of the polyvagal theory – This is a model of empowerment. The knowledge and ability to self-regulate one’s stress responses allow for a safer, more trusting existence, one that is open to attaching to people — rather than to an eating disorder — in order to feel safe in the world
  • Experiential and movement-based therapies – Using movement and experiences - weekly action-based play, yoga, psychodrama and creative arts to promote not just physical but mental, emotional and spiritual well-being
  • Other outcomes-oriented therapies – Everything we schedule is intentional and based on a particular recovery goal, including prescriptive time with our therapy dog

FAITH – Restore your spiritual life as a source of peace, empowerment and safety

We respect that patients come from a variety of faith backgrounds. Regardless of background, each person's experiences are varied, in ways that either positively or negatively impact their spiritual beliefs. At KellerLife, our goal is to help you restore — or to connect for the first time with — your spiritual life as a place of safety, empowerment, guidance and peace.

We believe that restoring faith is an essential aspect of recovery, and we know it’s a personal choice. Authentic Christian values are integrated into what we do and how we interact with you — not with the intent to convert anybody, but to expose our patients to the best of what a relationship with Christ can offer.

FAMILY – Restore and heal the relationships vital to well-being

We believe that all people were meant to be in relationships, and that secure attachments are necessary for us to be healthy in body and in mind. Everyone needs a safe place to land, whether it is our family of origin or our family of choice.

At KellerLife, we define “family” as one’s primary support group, and our goal is to restore and heal these vital relationships. This is why we emphasize the family/support system role in recovery. In these times, it is challenging to bring families together for restoration, but we are dedicated to it. Also, involving your loved ones is essential to our process to assist you in building a strong support system so that you can sustain recovery, long after you leave our care.

Focused on your post-treatment transition to recovery from day one

As residential treatment progresses, we modify your custom program — including making adjustments in your therapies and meals — to help transition you to aftercare and empower you toward recovery. In fact, your transition, aftercare and recovery are on our minds from the very first day we meet you, and we stay involved in supporting your recovery for a year following your residential treatment.

For more information about evidence-based, faith-integrated treatment for eating disorders at KellerLife, or to speak to a KellerLife representative, call 800-291-5045.