Frequently asked questions about eating disorders and treatment at KellerLife

Which eating disorders does KellerLife treat?

KellerLife is focused on treating anorexia, bulimia and binge eating disorder.

How are eating disorders treated at KellerLife?

At KellerLife, we treat the body, mind, and spirit. Our treatment model for eating disorders is based on the successful treatment program developed and used for decades at Remuda Ranch. Developed by KellerLife founder Ward Keller — also founder and 20-year CEO of Remuda Ranch — our Restorative Model combines the best aspects of that prior model with the latest treatment science. With individualized, patient-centered therapies, our certified eating disorder professionals create an environment designed for recovery. To learn more about our Restorative Model for treating anorexia, bulimia and binge eating disorder, visit our Treatment page.

Do I need a referral from my primary care physician?

KellerLife does not require a professional referral for treatment. However, if you are interested in utilizing insurance benefits to help with the cost of treatment, your insurance company may require a doctor’s referral. If you are referred by a physician, KellerLife partners with your doctor to collaborate on your care as appropriate and warranted.

Is treatment at KellerLife covered by insurance?

It may be, depending on your policy, and we can help you make that determination. KellerLife always participates with insurance as an out-of-network provider, then works to help you get reimbursed for your covered portion of treatment.

Why does KellerLife only treat women?

Eating disorders are involved, complex issues of both biology and psychology that are unique to each person. Eating disorders affect women disproportionately, and patients live together in our residential program. We treat only women (age 18 and over) in order to provide the safe space and optimal treatment setting necessary for our residents to be focused, comfortable and engaged in their treatment.

What do I need to know about— and bring to — treatment?

First and foremost, know that KellerLife’s caring and expert eating disorder professionals are dedicated to your recovery. Treatment is an average 45-day length of stay residential program, which may vary with clinical recommendations. Each resident stays in one of 7 beautiful homes in a private gated community. Each home has between 5-8 residents and is staffed 24 hours a day with one of our treatment team members. All treatment is provided by certified eating disorder therapists, and our treatment team consists of doctors, therapists, dietitians, 24-hour nursing, and behavioral coaches. To learn more about what you need to be aware of, what to pack, and other instructions, call 800-291-5045.

What ages do you treat?

KellerLife treats adult women, age 18 and older. Our eating disorder specialists have vast experience addressing the wide-ranging needs of women across the lifespan, and life circumstances.

How can I know for sure that I have — or someone close to me has — an eating disorder?

While every woman's eating disorder is unique to her in some ways, there are shared symptoms, such as rituals around food, severe calorie restriction, excessive exercise, evidence of purging (vomiting, laxatives, diuretics), frequent dieting, frequent binges, avoidance of social eating, social withdrawal and others. You can learn more about the warning signs on the pages in our What We Treat section of this site. Yet, because of the complexity and seriousness of eating disorders, the only way to know for sure is to start by talking with an expert about a clinical assessment. Our assessments are free. Just call 800-291-5045.

I want to get treatment for myself or a loved one. Where do I start?

Start with a call to one of our caring, experienced eating disorder representatives: 800-291-5045. Or you can request contact from a representative using our easy online form.

What is the length of stay in residential treatment at KellerLife?

The typical duration of residential treatment at KellerLife is 45 days. In some cases, longer treatment may be recommended. In any case, we determine the patient’s needs and recommended treatment duration up front so that there are no surprises. In addition, our approach with insurance also eliminates surprise insurance-dictated limits on treatment duration so that you can get the help you truly need. 

Will the family be involved in our loved one’s treatment?

Family is central to treatment. Eating disorders impact the entire family system. In fact, our approach is based on restoring mind, body, faith, and relationships - with family and other support people. We understand the devastation a family experiences when a loved one has an eating disorder. We know the importance of those familial relationships on your loved one’s ability to achieve recovery and embrace the life God intended. To learn more, visit our Family and Resources for Parents pages on this website.

I see that Christianity is an important aspect of KellerLife’s approach to treating eating disorders. Must patients be Christian to be treated? 

At KellerLife, our care is open to all women, regardless of her faith background or religious beliefs. Treatment itself is 100% evidence-based care delivered by certified, highly experienced eating-disorder specialists dedicated to your recovery. At the same time, we are completely rooted in authentic Christian values, which inform our commitment, priorities, style of care and professional conduct. Over the decades, our team has successfully treated thousands of women, and we know that one’s faith can be a strong source of support in recovery. We respect that faith is a personal choice, and patients will be given opportunities where they can choose to learn about and grow in a relationship with God. Our hope is that each patient can find strength in her faith, anchoring her recovery when she leaves our care. 

Have additional questions you don’t see answered here? Give us a call at 800-291-5045.