Insurance coverage and treatment costs

At KellerLife, we’re dedicated to providing individualized, evidence-based treatment to restore your mind, body, faith and relationships so you can get back to enjoying your life. We recognize that finances are often a concern for people considering eating disorder treatment, and we are here to help you navigate the financial process, including getting your questions answered about insurance coverage. 

Protecting patients and families from insurance-related surprises

Eating disorders are complex, and treatment is a process. At KellerLife, the success of our treatment model is based on an average 45-day residential treatment stay - this may vary with clinical recommendations.

Because we accept insurance as an out-of-network provider, treatment for eating disorders at KellerLife is not subject to being prematurely halted by insurers’ limits. Prior to entering treatment, all financial details will be predetermined. Knowing this upfront will allow you or your loved one to focus on treatment.

On your side and standing by to discuss costs, coverage and questions

As a privately-owned eating disorder treatment center, KellerLife negotiates your costs with you, freeing you from the profit demands of parent private-equity firms. We know you’d do anything possible to save a loved one’s life - we also know that finances matter, and we want to help you avoid unnecessary costs and inflated fees. 

Our well trained, knowledgeable eating disorder treatment representatives are here to talk with you about your needs, explain the process and costs, and help you understand the role of your medical insurance. To speak to a representative, call 800-291-5045 today.